The End

Oh. My. God!

Id forgotten we used to write a blog about Cake Mania! How completely tragic is all this??

Since we went 'off-air' (as it were), an awful lot has happened round here. We passed our exams, and grew up beyond 'Cake Mania'. I think we all finally realised there was more to life, and removed it from our hard drives.

Jen finally got a job in video game design, on a 'murder simulator'. She kinda got into all that killing stuff after we were done with Cake Mania, but im sure she'll slot a few cakes somewhere in her games in the future... she drives a ferrari now and doesn't have much time for the old Cake Maniacs Gang.

Cake Lady is finally doing well again. She had a few problems with one or two eating disorders. Cakes, mainly. We don't know if it was a direct result of playing too much Cake Mania or what, but I cant imagine it helped. I was the one that found her on the floor, gargling on a half-chewed batenberg, surrounded by Fondent Fancies. it was a terrible sight. she gets out of rehab next week, i think.

Tragically, shaz-g was killed a few months ago in a motorcycle accident. She was on the back of her boyfriend's Yamaha when he skipped a red light and they were hit by -- get this -- a Mr. Kipling lorry. No joke. we like to think its probably how she would have wanted to go out.

And me? Well, I finally got it together with Jason Maryam. we're expecting our first baby next month and we're getting married next week. I'm soooo excited! i guess there's a little cake maniac on the way...

Maybe I'll go back to Cake Mania one day, for one last play. but until then I can't help but feel the whole game was... well... a bit rubbish, really. I mean, all it was was endless, mindless clicking! I can see that now.