The End

Oh. My. God!

Id forgotten we used to write a blog about Cake Mania! How completely tragic is all this??

Since we went 'off-air' (as it were), an awful lot has happened round here. We passed our exams, and grew up beyond 'Cake Mania'. I think we all finally realised there was more to life, and removed it from our hard drives.

Jen finally got a job in video game design, on a 'murder simulator'. She kinda got into all that killing stuff after we were done with Cake Mania, but im sure she'll slot a few cakes somewhere in her games in the future... she drives a ferrari now and doesn't have much time for the old Cake Maniacs Gang.

Cake Lady is finally doing well again. She had a few problems with one or two eating disorders. Cakes, mainly. We don't know if it was a direct result of playing too much Cake Mania or what, but I cant imagine it helped. I was the one that found her on the floor, gargling on a half-chewed batenberg, surrounded by Fondent Fancies. it was a terrible sight. she gets out of rehab next week, i think.

Tragically, shaz-g was killed a few months ago in a motorcycle accident. She was on the back of her boyfriend's Yamaha when he skipped a red light and they were hit by -- get this -- a Mr. Kipling lorry. No joke. we like to think its probably how she would have wanted to go out.

And me? Well, I finally got it together with Jason Maryam. we're expecting our first baby next month and we're getting married next week. I'm soooo excited! i guess there's a little cake maniac on the way...

Maybe I'll go back to Cake Mania one day, for one last play. but until then I can't help but feel the whole game was... well... a bit rubbish, really. I mean, all it was was endless, mindless clicking! I can see that now.



cakemania peequel

wudnt it be good lol if you coud hav a game based on jills erly life lol, u coul tell the storry of how she beecame intrested in cake as a gam insted of a sily cartoon strip not that i dont liekk the cartooon strip but id rather play it lol.

i was thinkin tha after my bro ruined my gam idea for cakmania they shud have a cakemania magazine i was gong to sujest they put it in popworld magazine lol but popworld magazine didnt last very long so taht ruined my big idea maybe they cud have it in cosmo instead lol.

thinki fo the advertising and how many peeple woud play the game if they had an advert in cosmo all the girls wold want to play it and itd be brilllant to be able to tak to more peeple aout the game insted of them all looking at me like i was mad lol.

OMG just thought lol i havnt postied in ages u dont knw what ive been doing lol.

ive been playing cackmania on the ds after my bro bought it for me he said he wanted to borrow my heels for the night and i said id tell my mum if he didnt buy me cakemanaai for the ds and he did lol.

my mate sue says ive got him over a barrel but i wont want to see my bro over a barrel lol because i dont no what shes talking about. i shud look on google to find out but i carnt be bothered.

burger rush review the game.

mmmm burgers!


every1 loves burgers expecially me!

in burger rush a new game you play as heidi who is a quite pretty girl but dressed properly not in her bra and pants like SOME computer games i cld mention!

i dont know why boys (like my brother) always want to play games as girls with big breasts its just not realistic! i don't have big breasts yet, so id much rather play as Jill or Heidi.

Burger Rush is NOT a very good game i dont see the appeal in makeing burgers all day long.

The End (of the Review)

Baloon Express (a game)

weve been playing this AMAZING new game its called "Baloon Express" and its totally wicked.

you play a girl in a baloon and you have to fly in the air dropping letters on people.

i know it sounds tottaly weird but trust us its totally brillient. theres lots and lots of CLICKING involved like in cake mania, but there are no cakes. it would be a better game if u could drop cakes on people from the sky that wld be dead funny lol.

neway, the game baloon express is one of the best games ive played and im going to register and get the FULL VERSION as soon as uncle John gives me my special secret pocket money!

--jill4eva <3


LOL soz 4 not posting CAKE MANIA news recently only shaz-g changed the passwords on the website after i called her a 'f-ing S' so we couldnt log in!!!!

its ok now tho because she dumped jason maryam (who i now HATE) because he kept pinging her bra strap and laughin so were BEST FRENDS again which is brillient.

also, we went all the way up to country durham for the myspace party but we got off the bus at the rong stop and had 2 walk and shaz-g was sick on a mcdonalds coz shed drunk too much 20/20 on the bus so we left and went back home and plaid CAKE MANIA.



there is no new cake mania news!


nothing new has happened in the world of cake mania WHATSOEVA!!!


cake maniacs are struggling to find cake mania news for Cake Maniacs!!! website.


anyone now who this is?

OMG I well fancy him


OMg ive been waitng for this day for ages lol xxx

Cakemania is finally out on the ninentdo ds and i wnt into town to pick up a copy with my mate sara but sara isnt allowed on the busses anymor after she got off with dave on the back seat and made a mess so we had to walk into town instead and it takes aaaaages to walk all the way there.

NEway we got there and it didnt go well sara has itchy pockets lol and we got thrown out of woolworths after she tried to steal some pick n mix but it was alright because i looked roung before then and i cant find a copy in woolwoorths on the shelves so we went to a game shop and teh game shop didnt have a copy oar hmv didnt have a copy either but at least sara diddnt try and nick anything from hmv this time lol i should stop going out with her she cant stop nicking things but shes funny and make sme laugh so it kind a makes up for it xxx

so i xpent a day looking round town for a copy of cakemania and for the ninentro ds and couldnt find one i dont no where im gonig to get a copy from there and i bort my ds especisally for CAKEMANIA

lifes not fair lol i love the people who made cakemania but i cant fird it in the shops and i cant play it on the ds which means i cant play it on the bus when i;n not with sara lol so i dont no what im going to do to get a copy of cakemania for the ds now if i cant find it in town what hope is there?

cake maniacs!!!

It has been a wile since we posted nething new up here on CAKE MANIACS the BEST CAKE MANIA BLOG EVA!

Mostly its becoz were revising 4 r exams which means we cant play cake mania as much as wed like 2.

also, shaz-g has started goin out with jason maryam so weve been spendin a lot of time gossiping about them and calling her a FUCKING SLUT behind her back becoz she knows that ive had a thing 4 him since like primary school but their going out to watch the new mr bean film tonite which i sooooooo wanted to see :(

shaz-g is no longa riting for CAKE MANIACS because Jill from CAKE MANIA wld never go out with jason maryam behind a freinds back and her behaviour is so non-cake maniacs at the moment.


Jill4eva <3

difrent custmomers and their patentness

now az all cake maniacs will no the diffrent custmers are different patentness i fort id do a list of the custmoers and how patent they are for ppl who r new to cake mania!

sweet old ladys wt the brown hats r MOST patent
the men r VERY patent - LOL ok cake mania!!!!
the studnets are PRETTY patient
brides r patent until u get the CANINO then they arent very patent
easter bunny (LOL my fave) is ok in erely levels but later is VERY BAD bunny and not patent at ALL LOL!
man in the sute is half half and AVERAGE patent
the baby wit the wings is UNPATENT
and OMG the food critic is TOTALLY UNPATENT and he also asks 4 really bad things to make that take ages LOL i hate u food critic!!!!!!!!!

did i forget any customers


cake of love a poem

here is a poem i did 4 engilsh obviusly i did it about cake mania lol what wud the other girls say if i didnt we have our cake mania clan all on one table in mr reeds engilsh class and al the girlz read this blog. hi girls!!!! i no my writing is onli ok so i got mam to help uz wit spelling and putting kicking ks in and that, with all the full stops and commers and all that xx hope you anjoy and hope our new frends at sandlot like my poem it dusnt rime but mam says the beast poems dont rime (ifort all poems rimes and that wuz the point! LMAO oh well)

i did have my second name on it but mam sez its not good to have ur name on the internet dunno why tho LOL

A Cake Of Love

By Jennifer

I walk in sunshine in the park
where birds sing and fly
I want to bake a cake of love for you
So I can see you smile

My cake of love I bake for you
To show my love so dear
Like Jill I have time for everyone
Though they are impatient sometimes and mean to me
But cake of love will see us through
And we will dance and sing

Sometimes I am lonely but that's OK
Because cake is always here
But its cake of love and even though it has sugar
It's sugar of love
I'll never get fat or sick only happy
and in love with you.

hope u like it! xxx


ps if neone has ne poems about jill or cakes plz plz plz send us them and well post them mabee we can have a compitision wher the winner getz a free copy of cake mania or sumthing???? OMG that wud be so cool! tho if ur reading this blog then u love cake mania so probably have it alreddy dunno