cake of love a poem

here is a poem i did 4 engilsh obviusly i did it about cake mania lol what wud the other girls say if i didnt we have our cake mania clan all on one table in mr reeds engilsh class and al the girlz read this blog. hi girls!!!! i no my writing is onli ok so i got mam to help uz wit spelling and putting kicking ks in and that, with all the full stops and commers and all that xx hope you anjoy and hope our new frends at sandlot like my poem it dusnt rime but mam says the beast poems dont rime (ifort all poems rimes and that wuz the point! LMAO oh well)

i did have my second name on it but mam sez its not good to have ur name on the internet dunno why tho LOL

A Cake Of Love

By Jennifer

I walk in sunshine in the park
where birds sing and fly
I want to bake a cake of love for you
So I can see you smile

My cake of love I bake for you
To show my love so dear
Like Jill I have time for everyone
Though they are impatient sometimes and mean to me
But cake of love will see us through
And we will dance and sing

Sometimes I am lonely but that's OK
Because cake is always here
But its cake of love and even though it has sugar
It's sugar of love
I'll never get fat or sick only happy
and in love with you.

hope u like it! xxx


ps if neone has ne poems about jill or cakes plz plz plz send us them and well post them mabee we can have a compitision wher the winner getz a free copy of cake mania or sumthing???? OMG that wud be so cool! tho if ur reading this blog then u love cake mania so probably have it alreddy dunno


At 28 March 2007 at 09:45 , Anonymous jill4eva said...

ZOMG babes that is a brillient poem!!!! well done!!!!!! you are really good at makeing workd and images out of them. it is a good caek poem.

At 28 March 2007 at 18:38 , Anonymous tillyfromjensclassLOL said...

pOMG!!! amazin!!! much beta than dat poet we did in engleish last year. u no, da lesbo one!!!

P.s.. my daddy put dis new internet program on da compuer an now i av all these red lines all everywere. i fink its cuz i'm not spellin rite but do any cake manianics no how do make it work and amke me spel rite cuz it just looks mingy at da mo Lol!!!!

At 29 March 2007 at 13:07 , Anonymous cake lady said...

tilly u just do spelcheck and click ignore all until the lines go away.

jen that is the best poem i eva herd, it is so sad and happy at the same time it made me cry!!!!!

well dun i am gonna right a poem myself too i think maybe about CAKEMANIACS!!!!!11 lol xxxx


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