cakemania peequel

wudnt it be good lol if you coud hav a game based on jills erly life lol, u coul tell the storry of how she beecame intrested in cake as a gam insted of a sily cartoon strip not that i dont liekk the cartooon strip but id rather play it lol.

i was thinkin tha after my bro ruined my gam idea for cakmania they shud have a cakemania magazine i was gong to sujest they put it in popworld magazine lol but popworld magazine didnt last very long so taht ruined my big idea maybe they cud have it in cosmo instead lol.

thinki fo the advertising and how many peeple woud play the game if they had an advert in cosmo all the girls wold want to play it and itd be brilllant to be able to tak to more peeple aout the game insted of them all looking at me like i was mad lol.

OMG just thought lol i havnt postied in ages u dont knw what ive been doing lol.

ive been playing cackmania on the ds after my bro bought it for me he said he wanted to borrow my heels for the night and i said id tell my mum if he didnt buy me cakemanaai for the ds and he did lol.

my mate sue says ive got him over a barrel but i wont want to see my bro over a barrel lol because i dont no what shes talking about. i shud look on google to find out but i carnt be bothered.