cake maniacs!!!

It has been a wile since we posted nething new up here on CAKE MANIACS the BEST CAKE MANIA BLOG EVA!

Mostly its becoz were revising 4 r exams which means we cant play cake mania as much as wed like 2.

also, shaz-g has started goin out with jason maryam so weve been spendin a lot of time gossiping about them and calling her a FUCKING SLUT behind her back becoz she knows that ive had a thing 4 him since like primary school but their going out to watch the new mr bean film tonite which i sooooooo wanted to see :(

shaz-g is no longa riting for CAKE MANIACS because Jill from CAKE MANIA wld never go out with jason maryam behind a freinds back and her behaviour is so non-cake maniacs at the moment.


Jill4eva <3


At 3 April 2007 at 11:10 , Anonymous jill4eva said...

sorry about my bad language every1 im just upset ill edit it out wen i can figure out how lol.

At 3 April 2007 at 11:21 , Anonymous victoria[sponge] said...

tahts alrite, we all get angry from time 2 tiem just think 2 urself WWJD (wot wood Jill do LOL!)

At 3 April 2007 at 11:24 , Anonymous xXXx_jen_xXXx said...

Jill wud never go out with a boy her friend fancied lol thats not cool i think shaz needs to remember what her heroin would do!!!!


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