burger rush review the game.

mmmm burgers!


every1 loves burgers expecially me!

in burger rush a new game you play as heidi who is a quite pretty girl but dressed properly not in her bra and pants like SOME computer games i cld mention!

i dont know why boys (like my brother) always want to play games as girls with big breasts its just not realistic! i don't have big breasts yet, so id much rather play as Jill or Heidi.

Burger Rush is NOT a very good game i dont see the appeal in makeing burgers all day long.

The End (of the Review)

Baloon Express (a game)

weve been playing this AMAZING new game its called "Baloon Express" and its totally wicked.

you play a girl in a baloon and you have to fly in the air dropping letters on people.

i know it sounds tottaly weird but trust us its totally brillient. theres lots and lots of CLICKING involved like in cake mania, but there are no cakes. it would be a better game if u could drop cakes on people from the sky that wld be dead funny lol.

neway, the game baloon express is one of the best games ive played and im going to register and get the FULL VERSION as soon as uncle John gives me my special secret pocket money!

--jill4eva <3


LOL soz 4 not posting CAKE MANIA news recently only shaz-g changed the passwords on the website after i called her a 'f-ing S' so we couldnt log in!!!!

its ok now tho because she dumped jason maryam (who i now HATE) because he kept pinging her bra strap and laughin so were BEST FRENDS again which is brillient.

also, we went all the way up to country durham for the myspace party but we got off the bus at the rong stop and had 2 walk and shaz-g was sick on a mcdonalds coz shed drunk too much 20/20 on the bus so we left and went back home and plaid CAKE MANIA.



there is no new cake mania news!


nothing new has happened in the world of cake mania WHATSOEVA!!!


cake maniacs are struggling to find cake mania news for Cake Maniacs!!! website.


anyone now who this is?

OMG I well fancy him


OMg ive been waitng for this day for ages lol xxx

Cakemania is finally out on the ninentdo ds and i wnt into town to pick up a copy with my mate sara but sara isnt allowed on the busses anymor after she got off with dave on the back seat and made a mess so we had to walk into town instead and it takes aaaaages to walk all the way there.

NEway we got there and it didnt go well sara has itchy pockets lol and we got thrown out of woolworths after she tried to steal some pick n mix but it was alright because i looked roung before then and i cant find a copy in woolwoorths on the shelves so we went to a game shop and teh game shop didnt have a copy oar hmv didnt have a copy either but at least sara diddnt try and nick anything from hmv this time lol i should stop going out with her she cant stop nicking things but shes funny and make sme laugh so it kind a makes up for it xxx

so i xpent a day looking round town for a copy of cakemania and for the ninentro ds and couldnt find one i dont no where im gonig to get a copy from there and i bort my ds especisally for CAKEMANIA

lifes not fair lol i love the people who made cakemania but i cant fird it in the shops and i cant play it on the ds which means i cant play it on the bus when i;n not with sara lol so i dont no what im going to do to get a copy of cakemania for the ds now if i cant find it in town what hope is there?

cake maniacs!!!

It has been a wile since we posted nething new up here on CAKE MANIACS the BEST CAKE MANIA BLOG EVA!

Mostly its becoz were revising 4 r exams which means we cant play cake mania as much as wed like 2.

also, shaz-g has started goin out with jason maryam so weve been spendin a lot of time gossiping about them and calling her a FUCKING SLUT behind her back becoz she knows that ive had a thing 4 him since like primary school but their going out to watch the new mr bean film tonite which i sooooooo wanted to see :(

shaz-g is no longa riting for CAKE MANIACS because Jill from CAKE MANIA wld never go out with jason maryam behind a freinds back and her behaviour is so non-cake maniacs at the moment.


Jill4eva <3