difrent custmomers and their patentness

now az all cake maniacs will no the diffrent custmers are different patentness i fort id do a list of the custmoers and how patent they are for ppl who r new to cake mania!

sweet old ladys wt the brown hats r MOST patent
the men r VERY patent - LOL ok cake mania!!!!
the studnets are PRETTY patient
brides r patent until u get the CANINO then they arent very patent
easter bunny (LOL my fave) is ok in erely levels but later is VERY BAD bunny and not patent at ALL LOL!
man in the sute is half half and AVERAGE patent
the baby wit the wings is UNPATENT
and OMG the food critic is TOTALLY UNPATENT and he also asks 4 really bad things to make that take ages LOL i hate u food critic!!!!!!!!!

did i forget any customers


cake of love a poem

here is a poem i did 4 engilsh obviusly i did it about cake mania lol what wud the other girls say if i didnt we have our cake mania clan all on one table in mr reeds engilsh class and al the girlz read this blog. hi girls!!!! i no my writing is onli ok so i got mam to help uz wit spelling and putting kicking ks in and that, with all the full stops and commers and all that xx hope you anjoy and hope our new frends at sandlot like my poem it dusnt rime but mam says the beast poems dont rime (ifort all poems rimes and that wuz the point! LMAO oh well)

i did have my second name on it but mam sez its not good to have ur name on the internet dunno why tho LOL

A Cake Of Love

By Jennifer

I walk in sunshine in the park
where birds sing and fly
I want to bake a cake of love for you
So I can see you smile

My cake of love I bake for you
To show my love so dear
Like Jill I have time for everyone
Though they are impatient sometimes and mean to me
But cake of love will see us through
And we will dance and sing

Sometimes I am lonely but that's OK
Because cake is always here
But its cake of love and even though it has sugar
It's sugar of love
I'll never get fat or sick only happy
and in love with you.

hope u like it! xxx


ps if neone has ne poems about jill or cakes plz plz plz send us them and well post them mabee we can have a compitision wher the winner getz a free copy of cake mania or sumthing???? OMG that wud be so cool! tho if ur reading this blog then u love cake mania so probably have it alreddy dunno

LOL She luvs cake!

man i gut my bruver who duz art ad that to do some pix for our site and sed that i wanted a pic that shoud how much jill loves cake more than anythin in the world and he finally dun it LOL not sure i shud post it but there

haha sorry itz a bit rude not sure if jill loves cakes that much LMAO

ps i put on the cake mania and the hearts

lots off love cake maniacs xXXx_jen_xXXx

answers to your emails!!!!!

thank you to everyone who has emailed in to CAKEMANIACS telling us how much u love the site and how you all like CAKE MANIA to!

i recieved a email from Lauren in the UNITED STATES oF AMERICA!!!! she asked:

"On cake mania how do u get off level 26??? its like totally too hard!!!!!"

GOOD QUESTION!!! this is a very very tricky section to this game and one of the HARDEST bits. what u need to do is BUY A TELEVISION, that way the little angel creatures will be kept busy and u can finish the level. after u've done that the level is much easier!!!!

another question came from a lady called Jill in dorset, England (no joke that relly her name LOL!):

"I can't seem to get to grips with this game. I'm stuck on 'April' and simply cannot seem to get any further! You seem to know what you're talking about with regards to this game, and I was wondering if you'd be able to help me out?"

GOOD QUESTION!!! april is well difficult but ive finished it like a million times now LOL usually u can upgrade ur icing machine to lvl 2 or more and that way u can finish it. also if ur microwave is still lvl 1 u shld think about buying a better 1.

finally, i got an email from Susan in devon who says that Caek Mania is crashing on her all the time and freezing her whole computer and then shutting down the computer. when she turns on the computer some of her documents have been deleted off the computer hard disc and all the windows and stuff on the desktop now look really odd and scrambled and distorted.

Thats all weve got time for this week if u have a CAKE MANIA question pls send me ur question to cakemaniacs@googlemail.com

love jill4eva.


i just recieved another email from our NEW BEST FRENDS EVER who are the CELEBRITIES who make the games CAKE MANIA and CAKE MANIA 2: Back to THE BAKERY altho strangely and mysteriously this one came from a completely different person with a different email address from the last person who send us the news about CAKE MANIA 3 which is OUT SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

neway, they have send us an email all about how much they LOVE the CAKEMANIACS website (http://cakemaniacs.blogspot.com!!!!) and how they read it ALL THE TIME.

this is becos we are the number 1 cake mania fan blog in the world eva!!!!!!!!!

u can read there email below. in it they say u can buy cake mania clothes which is well wicked!!!!! im gonna save up for a cake mania mug, tho i think they should do cake mania cake tins or cake mania ovens to sell from there site as well not just clothes and that altho they do a cake mania apron which could come in well handy for makeing cakes i suppose!!!!!!!!!

here is what they said to us the cakemaniacs, the no1 cake mania blog eva:

Hey Cake Maniacs,

The makers of Cake Mania ARE reading your blog!

Just want to let you know that we appreciate your love for Cake Mania (and for Jill).


* The game just came out on Mobile Phones – visit this site and you can enter the Cake Mania sweepstakes and see a game video of Cake Mania for mobile.


* Cake Mania for the Nintendo DS in will be out in April. Read a preview: http://www.dsfanboy.com/2007/01/22/ds-daily-from-pc-to-ds

* Cake Mania Junior T-shirt (in 3 colors)We are redesigning our website and hop to have a better Cake Mania page soon, including Pictures or Videos of fans playing, contests, trivia and of course…merchandise, so check back. http://www.sandlotgames.com/w4/product.aspx?pn=1052

* You can always get Cake Mania t-shirts and more at http://www.cafepress.com/sandlotgames/2659036

* Cake Mania was named Best Causal Game of 2006 by Yahoo! Games.

Thanks for the support. The game developers appreciate the feedback.

Best wishes,

The Folks at Sandlot Games


PS – the whole staff got a kick out of Jill and the Cake Maniac birthday celebration!

stay tuned for more updates with our frends the cake mania writers sandlot games because theyll probably be in touch again sooooooon.

im gonna go play CAKE MANIA some more!!!!!!!!!!! or maybe diner dash for a change.

jill4eva <3>


OMG get this they are DEFINITELY makeing a Cake Mania 3 game!!!!!

I got an email this morning to my email cakemaniacs@googlemail.com from someone at Sandlot Games the games makers who make the CAKE MANIA games and as The Internet’s OFFICAL #1 BEST EVER CAKE MANIA BLOG SITE they wanted us 2 know that they are DEFINITELY makeing a CAKE MANIA 3 and they wanted US to be the 1st to tell THE WORLD ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How cooo0000OOOOoooooooooooooool is that?????????

It’s going to be all about JILL again and in it your going to be baking some cakes and serving them to the customers that come into you’re shop. The aim of the game is to MAEK MONEY tho they didnt say WHY exactly its probably something to do with you’re grandparents again becoz it usually is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also there are going to be some new sorts of cakes and there are some new sorts of customers, and you play as JILL again like in CAKE MANIA and also in CAKE MANIA 2: BACK TO THE BAKERY.

I am sooooo000OOO000oooooooo excited about this game (cake mania 3)!!!! its going to be brillient I just know it!!!!!!!!!!

Pls pls pls tell every1 u know about CAKE MANIA 3 and tell them to come here and pls pls pls leave us comments about CAKE MANIA 3. our website address is http://cakemaniacs.blogspot.com pls tell them 2 come!!!!!!

- jill4eva <3>

amazin cake

i found dis amazin cake!!! it a really really realsitic dust bin!!! dey put loads of efort in wit da jaffa cakes a all that. I really like it!!! who would wont a dust bin cake tho anyway?!?!?!?! probably a silly BOY! lol lol

amazin cake

ooops forgot da picture!!!!

belles beuaty boutiaque

belles beuaty boutiaque is another game ive found thats like CAKE MANIA only its different because u dont play as jill and u dont bake cakes!!!!

instead, u play as belle, who is another GIRL u can play as in games like these!!! she has opened a beuaty shop where people come to have there hair cut and make up put on.

its you're job to make sure the hair is done and the beuaty products is applied correctly, OTHERWISE u dont get paid!!!!!!

u do this by clicking on things with the mouse, an then clickin on some other things (with the mouse as well). mostly you use the left mouse button for the clicking.

i think this is a good game but they have clearly COPIED the idea off CAKE MANIA because its basicly the same game as CAKE MANIA accept its not cakes ur serving its BEUATY which is different.

if the had done something ORIGINAL with it instead of just copying all the time i would give it a high score but because its basicly just EXACTLY the same as CAKE MANIA i think it shld only score 8/10.

thats my review of belles beuaty boutiaque!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dream day wedding best game eva!!!! (except cake mania)

OMG ive just found this AMAAAAAAAZING (time like a hundred Billion!!!!!) game called "Dream Day Wedding" for the PC.

It’s about a girl called jenny (I have a friend called jenny no wait TWO friends called jenny LOL) and you hav 2 help her plan her big day!!!! Its like properly getting married and everything but without having to talk to boys and let them touch you places even tho you dont really want them to and that.

It even has a section in it were u have to buy a cake for the BIG DAY so it has the CAKE MANICAS official seel of approval (for havin cakes in it)!!!!!!!

i give this game 11/10

Help Megs Flower Blossom!


u play as meg and she owns a flower shop and you have to sell the flowers to people to make some money.

i like this game because it si very very very very VERY similar to CAKE MANIA accept that it doesnt have any cakes in it.


i think if it DID have cakes in it it would b the perfect game and would get 10/ 10 but because it doestn have any cakes in it WHATSOEVER its not as good as CAKE MANIA and so i will only give it 2.554/10.

if they do another game called megs flower shop 2 i would like to see meg not sell so many flowers and instead turn her flower shop into a caek shop then i think it will be a better game. it could b called megs flowers (crossed out) cake shop 2.

overall i give it 4/10.


pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls email us!!!!!!!!

we want u to send us in ur pictures of CAKE MANIA and of JILL and of CAKES and anything related to CAKE MANIA so we can put them up on CAKE MANIACS!!!

my email address is cakemaniacs@googlemail.com and you can email me there with ur pictures and ur storeys and anything u want to see on our site (cake maniacs)!!!!!!!!

love and hugs

-- jill4eva <3

the bakin' cake-twin!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is some new fan art I have done for the best game in the WORLD! CAKE MANIA! This is Jill's twin sister, Gill. She is a cake maniac, and eats lots of Jill's cakes and helps out at the bakery som,etimes when Jill is on a date or reading a book, or Granny Jasmine is in hospital with a bad cooking injury.
i like to imagin all the crazy adventures gill would get up to while jill is baking in the bakery! remember, as jill (and Gill LOL!) would tell you: IMAGINATION IS GOOD FOR YOU!

Pink is my favourit colour!!!!!

My big bro (who is studying for a GNVQ in computing science at leciester polytechnic) has been changing our blog for us so its a lot better now with new colours and some different graphics. it now looks more nicer and more cakey!!!!

Hes got lectures today but im hoping well be able 2 add more pictures and colours to the site very very soooooooon!!!!!

OMG also dont forget u can email us ur cake mania storeys and pictures to cakemaniacs@googlemail.com and well put them up on the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- jill4eva <3 <3 <3

cumon search terms

The more observent readers amongst you will have noticed the wicked new logo we've got for our site! this is just the start of many changes we have planned for cakemaniacs.

after all, if were going to be the number 1 official fan blog for the slickest, bestest game eva, we should have a site to match, dont you agree!?

Expect alot more form cakemaniac soon, like more colours and special baking related 'wall paper' (website patterns.).

It won't have anythign nasty like japanese school girls free video, or a housewife superstar demo or or leelee sobieski naked, or large breasts.

unless those are in caekmania 2 in whioch case we'll put them in. ;)

iders 4 cakemania 2

as we all no we wud all luv to have a cake mania 2 imagine all the amazin stuff we cud have in cake mania 2 i hav sum ideas so if cake mania makers are reading (that wud be my biggest fantasy lolol!!!!! that cake mania makers our heroes wud read this site and what there bigges fans say!!!!! and also that kevin hampton in 8g wud get off with me;-);-)) here are some ideaz for cake mania 2 form ur bigges fans lol!!

u cud have more differeent tipes of ovens and frosting machines and more customers like maybe justin timberlake cud cum visit lol that would be so cool or maybe jude law OMG he iz so fit but not matt damon he has a weird fase lol!!! so fit selebrity customers maybe the cake shop is in la?????

u cud have it so u cud get bigger shops and wud be cool if jill cud get her friends to help cook cakes as when we cook cakes we all get our friends round to help so we can have girly chats about boys at school we think are fit lol that would rule xxx so you can hire friends and get bigger shops LOL that would be awesmoe.

hwo a bout too u cud get strawberrys on ur cakes and things i luv the colored frostin but having fruitas wud be wicked OMGF and they are helthy too shud have helthy fruits as well as frostin as i dont go sicky like jill4eva but i am not fat haha i luv my body! :-)

also cud we hav maybe u cud put paintings on the wall and maybe carpets so we make jills shop feel like ours lol that wud make me luv cake mania more is that even possible?!?! LMAO

- xXXx_jen_xXXx


i wnt this cake LOL

poP stars who liek cakemania

i hav gaved up on my game i was makin after bein told by my bro that i was s useless silly tart and he wudnt help me anymor becaus he had better thing to do than hep me make a game based on cakes he said hed only hep out if he cud add guns and bombs and giant enemy weasels wtf? i siad no he dosnt understand abot cakemania and that yu cant have guns and bombs and weasels in a game about cake becas the wouldnt be write now wud it?

OMG can u imagin how CRAP cakemaniia wod be with weasles LOL theyd probly eat all the cake and thered be angry custommers and things and noone wud make any mony because the weesles woud have eaten all the cakes and i wudnt want a cake that had weslle marks in it.

he sad hes going to make a game anywy based on cakemania and he doesnt care what i think and he said its going to have supper massiv grenades that are lunched from the cake and bib gosses that come don the screen launchin gbig bullets at you and when you die you get coverd in bits of cake. i told him that was so gay an idae and its not why cakemaniia wud sell games to people but hes stupid and hed do it anyway to spit me. brothers LOL i wish i ddnt have a brother as stupid as the on i got i blame my dad he takes after my dad.

i ve been thinkng about what popstars wod like cakemania neway and i fink that a few of them wod, that misrable one from Radiohad he needs cheering up and i think a big cake wud do him the world of good. vryone nows that Gary Barlow (nice bum LOL) likes cake so hes a given LOL all the sugababes look liek they need sum cake LOL, i bet u cud snap them if you pointed in there direction and the wind caught it lol but the popstar i rekkon licks cake teh most is got to be james blunt LOL. he salways singging about how sad he is and life is derepsing that i reckon if u shat him down in font of some cake hed cheer up and we wudnt have to listen to him omaning anymore he needs to be happy instead of sad because being sad isnt gud for yor health unlike cake which is brilliant for you LOL

ARE U AN IDIOT???????????????????


nintendo housewife superstar!!!

nintendo have released a new game for my (pink!!!!!!) DS lite called "housewife superstar". Basicly in it you play a housewife and you have to make stuff and clean stuff and that.

i think this is a good idea for a game, because basicly it would basicly be like cake mania only not just about cakes although hopefully you can make some cakes in it at some point or do some other baking. imagine cookie mania!

Neway I just thout id post it up here in case any of you lot were interested.

its called nintendo housewife superstar and its OUT NOW for the nintendo DS.

-- jill4eva <3

cake mania crack free version!!!!!!!!!!

sum people are really poor and can't afford the ten quid that cake mania costs. obviusly if they are so poor that they can't afford that, it is important that they should be able to have the game anyway because it will make them happier and give their life some meaning.

so for all the people too poor to pay ten quid and yet desperate to play the best match 3 game eva, go here for the free crack cake mania version :)



sally slag cakes

I drew sally fom miss watons form wid da weird tits (slag) OMG she nicked my bf yeah? like, snogged him and everyfink!

well i drew her wit mingin cakes cos she crap at cakemania an all that! I fort we could hav her on title bit, so every1 can see what real slapper dat bitch is, yeah?