horror story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG i played CAKE MANIA in the office all during my lunch hour (philidelphia lite on rivita) an was so into it i was still playin when this importent client came in after my lunch hour was finished!!!!

my boss caught me playin it and was well mad at 1st but i lied an told him i had took my break later today coz i had to do some fotocopyin an that for the BITCH in HR

phew!!!!!!!!! that was toooo close!!!!!!!!!!!


Diner Dash

So I was taking a little break from CAKE MANIA for a bit (started seeing cakes an that wheneva I closed my eyes LOL), and I had a surf around on the Net for some new games to play...

I found one called DINNER DASH. OMG its just like EXACTLY like CAKE MANIA accept your serving people in a restaraunt instead of a bakery. otherwise, its EXACTLY the same sort of game.

it even has a girl like jill as the main character LOL accept shes called Flo and has brown hair instead of black hair.

neway, its brillient and you should all download it and then play it. i think it would be better if there were more cake's in it, but at the moment im really enjoying it because its nice and simple and calming like CAKE MANIA and the graphics are BRILLIENT!

i give it seven stars out of ten.


-- jill4eva

a name 4 my cakLemania gam

im tryin too come up wif names 4my cakemania gam and i thuink ive got it down to five i like, wot do u think i shud call it bcos im not sure wich one is eht best one i like em all jus as much LOL

Cake Taht after the BEST BAND EVER obviusley
Let tehm eat Cake i herd it in class wen mrs binkley was talking at me in hitory she alwas did taht but i never listned much but i member that one LOL
Cake On mE after the snog they ussed to play at eh friday nihgt disco i thinkit was by ultrasox or the humming league i cant member now i shud find it in my mums CDS shes got lods of ooooooold songs shed no it probly she probly was old when it came out LOL
Cake Sorty i saw this on trigsauce and fort it was a ace idea LOL its got cakes and a storey its cake storey OMG i relly liek tis one^^
Cake Bake Callenge cos it sonds like smothing off of big brothre lol

witch one do u tink i should go with?


^^ my bro sed that i cant call the gam cakemania+ becos its copytraderd or somefink and ill get in trouble with the peple who writ cakemania in the frist palce and i don wanna get in truble over it becos i just want to show how mcuh i love cakemania not anoy the people who made it.

i need to think of a new name now LOL

he sed hed help me out in makin the game cos hes used gammaker and itd be bettr if he did it than if i did it cos im makin a right mess of it lol he sujested calling it ninjacakemonkey but tahts a boys name game and i want mi cakemania game to be for girls like me and like cakemania alredy is he sed hed help with the drawing as well so he will amniate them bettR than i cud xxx^^^xxx

itll still b my game LOL just my bro will be hepling me make it so i dunt muck it up futher hes gong to stop jill form burning her head in the overn lol hes nice my bro most of the time neway wehn hes not steeling clothes form my draws i don know why he does that i fthink hes jus funny that way ^^

im not vry good at this lol

am aminating jill LOL its not going wlel!


mi cakemania fangame

i hav been writting mi own cakemania game LOL i love cakemania that i wanted to hav my own version of it that i made to show how much i loev the game LOL im not verry good with pictures but i hav been trying to mak something i am proud of but i dont want it to be just like cakemania lol when ckamania is perfect as it is ^^

in proper cakemania jill dosnt hav trouble with angry costumers climing over the cunter to get her if she taks too long over the order LOL in my version jill has a cotsumer erpling tazer witch she can use to stop the custmorers from punhing her in the face for not getting there order in on time. im goin to call it call it cakemania+ becuse its like cak=emnaia wif my own bits in i dont no if ill finnish it or not and im havng problms geting jill to move without getting suck in the table or here head stukk in the overn LOL OMG dont try ths at home LOL getting yor hed stuck in the ovren is no fun and you probably burn your face and look worse than Robie Willums hahaha ^^

i usd to like robbbie but he drinks too mush like my dad did and mark own was cuter and better singer i wish he plaid wimbley or a big field instead of robbie robbies just crap ^^

Jill is a feminism icon

Reasons why jill is a great gaming female caracter:

  • owns own business

  • is quite pretty

  • jill is clever - she has been to cake school

  • she never has to show off her flesh. it's cakes not baps in this game LOL!
  • she is polite

  • can cook
it is good that CAKEMANIA is showingf the way forward for the gamer industry for having interesting and strong woman caracters in games.

WELL DONE CAKEMANAIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i just membered i had fishcake for tea LOL

dreaming of cake

i think ive been playing cakemania to much last night i was dreming of cake LOL. i dremt that i was in a field with lots of sheep and fences and i was running through the trees shouting you cant hurt me, no no at the top of my voice only it wansnt my voice it was welsh and squeely. id idnt know the way it felt but it was tearing me asunder and yeay oh, there was a massive cake OMGLOL

i warked up to hte cake and proddedd it with my fingrs and it was deffo real because i cud taste it when i stuck my head into it in the middle of the cake was jill and she sed that there was going to be trouble tomorrow nightthe evil megamart was going to shut down the post office and the bakers and some over shops that were goin to get closed by them and i had to go home and play cakemania to defet them and stop them from closing the shops down because if they closed the shops down id have nowere to buy 2020 from and white lightning on a friday wen mum goes out.

i got home and turned the compuetr on and playd cakemania for wot seemed like aaaaaages but when i baked a cake in the game it came out the oven a mermaid and the mermaid said to me that the cakes were for the fishpeople and the fishpeople didnt like cake so they sent the mermaid to set fire to my hair and she went to set fire to my hair and i ducked and hedbutted her to the grond. i woke up in a swet LOL

mad dreams.

wot have mermads and cake got to do with each other lol i think im a mentalist like that bloke in the subway with one eye who says hes gary barlow

it hsant put me off cakemania though because cakemania is still the best game ever i just want to knwo why im dreaming of fish LOL


LOL OMG were famus!

tiggsourse run a story on there blog about our blog and the liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u can read it here i cant work out how to do links properly yet LOL/

Teh links here.


my dogs got no knows how does he smell?




OMG! cakes are ment to be cute but i fund this cake on goggle wilst googling for cakemania tips to help me impove my game and i stubbled upon this cat LOL

it scraes me the way it stares out of the picture and has a look a "in going to eat u" LOL its just wronG LOL jill would never baek a cake that looked like that lol her cakes r nice and not a crispy cat lol

i use to have a cat about 5 yrs ago when dad was still living with me that was befor mum got mad and he went to france or belgum or gerrmny to live an took the cat with him i remember it well cos mum said he wasn coming back because hed beeen cort with a scarlet lady and i still don know why its special becos a girl is on her period ^^ i think he must have been drunk or seomthing anyway hes in blegum or germmny or fance now so i mite see him again and ask him

sinc he left ive been doing the sicky thing mor and mor i miss my dad and candle the cat :(


marezipan on cakes

my mum sez that mazripan on cakes is wot boys are to housework LOL

wot do u think?

to mazpian or not?

watching cake films lol

sinse playing Cakemania i have been eatin lotsa cake its the most addicting taste LOL and last nite i made dave from outside the coop have a nite of cake films insetead of what we normally do on a thursday nite LOL

first i watced the great film cake with that girl from austin powers in i like austin powers when he says "oi noggin" it makes me laff LOL, "head", "oi head" hahahahaha culdnt stop laffin LOL im laffin now thinkin abot it. i didnt like the film tho it was a bit boring and girly so i let dave pick the next one. i said it has to have cake in it dave and he said he new just the film and he said it was a boys film for the boys you could tell this coz it has steven seagall innit and i didnt fancy it but watched it anyway.

dave said i had to wait for the cake bit and it had steven segalll as a chef thingy in it and he had to cook things and fight off the bad guys just like Jill but only more boy and man than Jill whos a proper girl she doesn need to punch people like seagll tho she defeats the bad guys with her ace cake making and i bet that unlike steven seagallll she dosnt keep girls in her cake. i frew dave out after that, he said it was sexy but they were fake boobs on that girl and even tho i make myself sicky on cake i dont want fake boobs boys my boobs are good enuff LOL OMG his face wehn i kicked him out it was priceless LOL Ill be laffing for days.

dos anyone now any good cake films i can watch then cos i didn leike that one

Mania mania :-)

wikipedia says that

Classic symptoms of mania include fast, nonstop talking, pacing aimlessly, staring into space, irritability, and heavy interest in goal oriented activities. One with mania may complain of racing thoughts, hallucinations, music stuck in their head, and feelings of enlightenment.

This shows how clever the name CakeMANIA is, cos it is a game with pacing, where you have to stare at a space (eg ur monitor or ds screen) and do goal oriented activites.

wheni play cakeMania i get racing thoughts and the music stuck in my head, and the grafix are so wickid that it feels like i am having hallucinations LOL!

i've never had feelings of enlightment tho, maybe they are getting confused with MANA.

noel edmunds hates cake

OMG! I was watching the tele yetserday and that bloke with a beard off deal or not dael was on it and he was talking about cake.

I knew he was wierd afer he had that tattoo on his bum or his face or his neck or something I cant remember where it was LOL but it was a tattoo and it was one of those creepy cult things but a cult like Amazon or something where you make a wishlist but i didnt think he was the kind of person who didnt like cake.

He said that cake was a made up drug but i dont no what hes going on about as if cake was a made up drug then that would mean that cakemania was about drug dealing and everyone nos that cakemania isnt about drug dealing its about cakes and jill would NEVER deal drugs shes my heroine and not heroine the durg LOL i dont do drugs i have a hard enough time with the chocolate i hav to stash under my pillow when im not being sicky after eating dinner. A girls got to look nice for the boys and stuff so no drugs or id look like that skanky model girl.

Wat I want to no is why no-one has told Neol that cake isnt a drug thats why i can pick cake up in asda. Hes madder than i fort LOL

Whats the biggest cake youve eaten?

Mines this big LOL



Baking Begins

Cake mania is the perfect game, and my fave game ever! but it doesn't have a very deep story. i think that if it did people would play it for even longer. I have written a more deep version of the pre-story. I have done a drawing for it, and im hoping to do a full set of comics for it like they have in the game and do a talky version. if i can get it good enough, i am hopign to get it into CakeMania3 as a flashback in the middle of the game... PLC so I know if it needs any improving or changing thnx! ;)

Jill Evans was on top of the world. She had just finished at culinary school, coming first in her cake-making class. She had a date with cute Darren Mitchells from her course that night. And she was going to see her beloved grnadparents after a year. Although she loved them very much, she had worked so hard at culinary school that she had not spoken to them for a year and so didn't know how they or their bakery were doing. She assumed that everything was okay, so she skipped down the sidewalk of Sandlotville, singing to herself and feeling the wind between her ankles.
But then she stopped and gasped. Clouds moved in front of the sun, as she saw her grandparent's bakery. It was CLOSED DOWN! Rain started to pour on her face so you couldn't tell that tears had started to pour down her trembling cheeks. She ran to the door, but couldn't get in or see through the windows because it was boarded up with big dark planks of wood.
"It's true, Jill. Your grandparents are dead." Jill heard a voice behind her saying. She span around, her fists clenched, but then she saw who it was who had said that:
It was her grandfather!
"Dead in the bakery business, that is." he qualified. A little patch of sunlight opened up around Grampy Jebediah as he smiled lovingly at Jill. "But it's nice to see you though, my dear." Jill ran up to him and gave him and Granny Jasmine a massive hug.
"But what happened?" she asked. "Our business was going really well until retail behemoth MegaMart moved in." said Granny Jasmine. "Then everyone went there and stopped buying cakes from us." Jill glanced over Granny Jasmine's shoulder and saw a huge towering black square on top of the hill, a nasty inky blot on the landscape of sandlotville. A garish pink neon sign flashes "MegaMart - better than cakes".
"But it must have taken a lot longer than a year to put up a whole shopping mall. And why would people stop going to your bakery just because there's a mall nearby? And isn't it a communist attitude to resent a bit of healthy competition?" asked Jill?
"No, the MegaMart fatcats could afford a million workmen, so it only took a month to build the mart, hire out the space and build up a custom base. And everyone spends so much now on stuff they never needed before that they can't afford cakes anymore. And I don't know what they taught you at culinary school, but beating down an independent bakery with a big COMMUNITY of other shops is the kind of thing Russia would do, not America, so they are the communists." retorted Grampy Jebediah kindly. He took Granny Jasmine's hand and they started to walk away up the hill.
Jill was about to go home when she noticed a bulge in Grampy's pocket. She ran after him, and grabbed it. She gasped as she pulled out a handgun. Grampy stared at his shoes and shuffled in the dirt. She had grown up with her grandparents, so Jill could read them like a book. "You were going to go and shoot a load of people ni that mart, weren't you?!" she screamed. She suddenly had a psychic view of the future, which was her granparents going to prison for killing people, and being sentenced to the electric chair, and making a break for freedom at the last moment, but getting shot down and eaten by police dogs. She fired the bullets harmlessly into the air and said:
"I shall start a bakery of my own, bring in customers, and earn enough money to re-open your bakery!" At that moment, Jill knew she had become a woman.
"But if our bakery closed down through lack of custom, how will yours fare any better? And how are you going to open it? You're an ex-student and we're bankrupt. And why would you open a DIFFERENT bakery? Why not just reopen OUR bakery? It doesn't make sense?" asked her grandparents in union.
"No, it is a good plan." Jill said. She quickly called Darren Mitchells to dump him, and then set about buying some new property somehow.
And so Jill's battle begins. But she cannot do it alone. She needs help to sort cakes into sets of 3 (the standard packing number in the baking industry). She needs...YOU!

The End (or is the beginning lol!)

Boys Cake

i have been think about ways to convinse more people to beome cakemaniacs and i think it needs to appel to boys mor Not enough boyus play with cakes LOL ^v^v

as mum was out this afternoon i made a plan of what cakemania for boys shud look like, reckon it'll sell loads if we all think about it proper.

Everyone nows BOYS LOVE GIANT ROBOTS LOL so u cud have a giant robot at the side of the screen and it could move and dance when you make a good cake LOLLOLOL

Boys wud find the square bit of the game to boring so to make it more interestingg you could have a more interesting shape LOL I am thinking about a hexagon because it has spikey edges and spikey edges are like boys. You know what I am meaning girls eh lol xxxXXXxxx

keeping things bigger is the key OMG can you imagine making a really big cake like so big that it makes all other cakes look small that would be like totally boy stuff. the customers who buy the cakes drive up in cars and stuff and things and they buy the cakes and put them in there cars. And it would hav to be red or black cars. black for the goths LOL. goths wear black. I like to laugh at them outside the coop with Dave and his mates. Dave is a goth, but hes like alright not like the rest of the goths. theyre wierrd LOL

hope the other rest of you think this is a good idea reckon itd sell loads if they did it and then boys would buy cakemaniacs tooo. xxx

favourite cooker and frosting stations?

a big debate in cake mania is which are the nicest cookers and frosting machines to have. OMG.

i tend to go for the bake master 2000 and lean mean frosting machine. i no that the lightning bake 5000 is better than the bake master 2000 but i think it looks better so hey. :D -X-

oh yes and the deco demon 5000 is the best for decorations IMO


Cake Maniversary!!!!

To clebrate our fansites opening, look who has bought us a cake! It's Jill (from indie match-3 game Cake mania), cake-baker extrordinary!
sadly she has not brought three cakes with her so we can't match them!!!!
happy birthday everyone cakes are on Jill!!!!!! :)

MegaMart - boooooo!

One of the things that makes Jill sucha wicked heroin is that she has a really good baddy to fight. MeghaMart is a realistic baddy, that makes the game much better than if it was a alien spaceship or a serial killer that jill was trying to stop with cakes.

Megamart are a real company, which is why they are in Tino's Fruity Stand as well, ruining another brilliant independant company. It is only because they were so evil that they knew they could not sue Jill or Tino for slander in thir games because it would not stand up in court because they are like that.

Wikipedia says that MegaMart closed down in 2005 because of poor performance. But i think it was probably due to a little cake-making indipendent game released in 2005 that told players around the world the TRUTH.

Shame on you, Megamart. Shame on you.

magic match is not better than cake mania

i am exited about getting magic match 2 when it coms out but not as much as cake mania on ds!!! i baught a ds reddy to play it cuz donna said itll be out in april or somethinx i hope so cuz then i can bake un the bus.


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