nintendo housewife superstar!!!

nintendo have released a new game for my (pink!!!!!!) DS lite called "housewife superstar". Basicly in it you play a housewife and you have to make stuff and clean stuff and that.

i think this is a good idea for a game, because basicly it would basicly be like cake mania only not just about cakes although hopefully you can make some cakes in it at some point or do some other baking. imagine cookie mania!

Neway I just thout id post it up here in case any of you lot were interested.

its called nintendo housewife superstar and its OUT NOW for the nintendo DS.

-- jill4eva <3


At 7 March 2007 at 16:41 , Anonymous bakerlite said...

this will be better than cakemana becos it will have cakebaking in it (like in real houses) and other stuuf to.

u will all have to get a new blog name ROFL!!!!!!!!

At 7 March 2007 at 16:53 , Anonymous shaz-g said...

OMG babes that looks amaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!

am gonna go buy this 1 rite now!!!!!!


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