^^ my bro sed that i cant call the gam cakemania+ becos its copytraderd or somefink and ill get in trouble with the peple who writ cakemania in the frist palce and i don wanna get in truble over it becos i just want to show how mcuh i love cakemania not anoy the people who made it.

i need to think of a new name now LOL

he sed hed help me out in makin the game cos hes used gammaker and itd be bettr if he did it than if i did it cos im makin a right mess of it lol he sujested calling it ninjacakemonkey but tahts a boys name game and i want mi cakemania game to be for girls like me and like cakemania alredy is he sed hed help with the drawing as well so he will amniate them bettR than i cud xxx^^^xxx

itll still b my game LOL just my bro will be hepling me make it so i dunt muck it up futher hes gong to stop jill form burning her head in the overn lol hes nice my bro most of the time neway wehn hes not steeling clothes form my draws i don know why he does that i fthink hes jus funny that way ^^


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