mi cakemania fangame

i hav been writting mi own cakemania game LOL i love cakemania that i wanted to hav my own version of it that i made to show how much i loev the game LOL im not verry good with pictures but i hav been trying to mak something i am proud of but i dont want it to be just like cakemania lol when ckamania is perfect as it is ^^

in proper cakemania jill dosnt hav trouble with angry costumers climing over the cunter to get her if she taks too long over the order LOL in my version jill has a cotsumer erpling tazer witch she can use to stop the custmorers from punhing her in the face for not getting there order in on time. im goin to call it call it cakemania+ becuse its like cak=emnaia wif my own bits in i dont no if ill finnish it or not and im havng problms geting jill to move without getting suck in the table or here head stukk in the overn LOL OMG dont try ths at home LOL getting yor hed stuck in the ovren is no fun and you probably burn your face and look worse than Robie Willums hahaha ^^

i usd to like robbbie but he drinks too mush like my dad did and mark own was cuter and better singer i wish he plaid wimbley or a big field instead of robbie robbies just crap ^^


At 26 February 2007 at 00:59 , Anonymous phoenix cake said...

omg, b careful. i hear that cakemania has a scary legal team. game looks amazing. hope it gets released b4 the cease and desist.

At 26 February 2007 at 11:51 , Anonymous roweena said...

no cake mania are too nice they wont sue so go do it!!!!1


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