dreaming of cake

i think ive been playing cakemania to much last night i was dreming of cake LOL. i dremt that i was in a field with lots of sheep and fences and i was running through the trees shouting you cant hurt me, no no at the top of my voice only it wansnt my voice it was welsh and squeely. id idnt know the way it felt but it was tearing me asunder and yeay oh, there was a massive cake OMGLOL

i warked up to hte cake and proddedd it with my fingrs and it was deffo real because i cud taste it when i stuck my head into it in the middle of the cake was jill and she sed that there was going to be trouble tomorrow nightthe evil megamart was going to shut down the post office and the bakers and some over shops that were goin to get closed by them and i had to go home and play cakemania to defet them and stop them from closing the shops down because if they closed the shops down id have nowere to buy 2020 from and white lightning on a friday wen mum goes out.

i got home and turned the compuetr on and playd cakemania for wot seemed like aaaaaages but when i baked a cake in the game it came out the oven a mermaid and the mermaid said to me that the cakes were for the fishpeople and the fishpeople didnt like cake so they sent the mermaid to set fire to my hair and she went to set fire to my hair and i ducked and hedbutted her to the grond. i woke up in a swet LOL

mad dreams.

wot have mermads and cake got to do with each other lol i think im a mentalist like that bloke in the subway with one eye who says hes gary barlow

it hsant put me off cakemania though because cakemania is still the best game ever i just want to knwo why im dreaming of fish LOL


At 25 February 2007 at 07:34 , Anonymous cakeluvr107 said...

ur dreaming of fish because ur not eating enuf. its' natural, tho, i went tru it too back when i was on the scene. i proscribe that u play more cakemania. i should know. im a doctor. i only wish that cakemania wuld have been there for me when i was younger! ;)

At 25 February 2007 at 17:46 , Anonymous maryluvscake said...

yea cakemania helps me to sleep to cos after hours playin ity makes my eyes ache so i can sleep better. mabe they shud put that on the adverts for it so people know it is gud for them.


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