Baking Begins

Cake mania is the perfect game, and my fave game ever! but it doesn't have a very deep story. i think that if it did people would play it for even longer. I have written a more deep version of the pre-story. I have done a drawing for it, and im hoping to do a full set of comics for it like they have in the game and do a talky version. if i can get it good enough, i am hopign to get it into CakeMania3 as a flashback in the middle of the game... PLC so I know if it needs any improving or changing thnx! ;)

Jill Evans was on top of the world. She had just finished at culinary school, coming first in her cake-making class. She had a date with cute Darren Mitchells from her course that night. And she was going to see her beloved grnadparents after a year. Although she loved them very much, she had worked so hard at culinary school that she had not spoken to them for a year and so didn't know how they or their bakery were doing. She assumed that everything was okay, so she skipped down the sidewalk of Sandlotville, singing to herself and feeling the wind between her ankles.
But then she stopped and gasped. Clouds moved in front of the sun, as she saw her grandparent's bakery. It was CLOSED DOWN! Rain started to pour on her face so you couldn't tell that tears had started to pour down her trembling cheeks. She ran to the door, but couldn't get in or see through the windows because it was boarded up with big dark planks of wood.
"It's true, Jill. Your grandparents are dead." Jill heard a voice behind her saying. She span around, her fists clenched, but then she saw who it was who had said that:
It was her grandfather!
"Dead in the bakery business, that is." he qualified. A little patch of sunlight opened up around Grampy Jebediah as he smiled lovingly at Jill. "But it's nice to see you though, my dear." Jill ran up to him and gave him and Granny Jasmine a massive hug.
"But what happened?" she asked. "Our business was going really well until retail behemoth MegaMart moved in." said Granny Jasmine. "Then everyone went there and stopped buying cakes from us." Jill glanced over Granny Jasmine's shoulder and saw a huge towering black square on top of the hill, a nasty inky blot on the landscape of sandlotville. A garish pink neon sign flashes "MegaMart - better than cakes".
"But it must have taken a lot longer than a year to put up a whole shopping mall. And why would people stop going to your bakery just because there's a mall nearby? And isn't it a communist attitude to resent a bit of healthy competition?" asked Jill?
"No, the MegaMart fatcats could afford a million workmen, so it only took a month to build the mart, hire out the space and build up a custom base. And everyone spends so much now on stuff they never needed before that they can't afford cakes anymore. And I don't know what they taught you at culinary school, but beating down an independent bakery with a big COMMUNITY of other shops is the kind of thing Russia would do, not America, so they are the communists." retorted Grampy Jebediah kindly. He took Granny Jasmine's hand and they started to walk away up the hill.
Jill was about to go home when she noticed a bulge in Grampy's pocket. She ran after him, and grabbed it. She gasped as she pulled out a handgun. Grampy stared at his shoes and shuffled in the dirt. She had grown up with her grandparents, so Jill could read them like a book. "You were going to go and shoot a load of people ni that mart, weren't you?!" she screamed. She suddenly had a psychic view of the future, which was her granparents going to prison for killing people, and being sentenced to the electric chair, and making a break for freedom at the last moment, but getting shot down and eaten by police dogs. She fired the bullets harmlessly into the air and said:
"I shall start a bakery of my own, bring in customers, and earn enough money to re-open your bakery!" At that moment, Jill knew she had become a woman.
"But if our bakery closed down through lack of custom, how will yours fare any better? And how are you going to open it? You're an ex-student and we're bankrupt. And why would you open a DIFFERENT bakery? Why not just reopen OUR bakery? It doesn't make sense?" asked her grandparents in union.
"No, it is a good plan." Jill said. She quickly called Darren Mitchells to dump him, and then set about buying some new property somehow.
And so Jill's battle begins. But she cannot do it alone. She needs help to sort cakes into sets of 3 (the standard packing number in the baking industry). She needs...YOU!

The End (or is the beginning lol!)


At 21 February 2007 at 18:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was SO good!!!! u shud rite a book and u could have recipes in it for defrent cakes!

At 21 February 2007 at 19:02 , Anonymous ArgentinianSonyFan said...


Excus my English it i s not my natural speaking.

At 21 February 2007 at 19:16 , Anonymous jill4eva said...

omg babes that is brillient!

Roll on chapter 2!!!!! 3>

At 21 February 2007 at 19:22 , Anonymous cakemaniac12 said...

i like the use of weather to reflect jill's mmood, but there is not enough of it - u should do it more or it is just a motif not a metaphor. also, there aren't many cakes in it, which ther should be for a cake-based game plot.
apart from that well done.

At 21 February 2007 at 19:24 , Anonymous eggznbutta said...

what is PLC do you mean pls?

At 21 February 2007 at 19:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

eggznbutta, if u don't know how blogs work then don't post on them. PLC = please leave comments if u r too stupid to work it out then google it or yahoo it or somefing.

At 22 February 2007 at 21:52 , Anonymous roweena said...

hey dont treat people like that we're not all WEBMASTERS lol!!!


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