Boys Cake

i have been think about ways to convinse more people to beome cakemaniacs and i think it needs to appel to boys mor Not enough boyus play with cakes LOL ^v^v

as mum was out this afternoon i made a plan of what cakemania for boys shud look like, reckon it'll sell loads if we all think about it proper.

Everyone nows BOYS LOVE GIANT ROBOTS LOL so u cud have a giant robot at the side of the screen and it could move and dance when you make a good cake LOLLOLOL

Boys wud find the square bit of the game to boring so to make it more interestingg you could have a more interesting shape LOL I am thinking about a hexagon because it has spikey edges and spikey edges are like boys. You know what I am meaning girls eh lol xxxXXXxxx

keeping things bigger is the key OMG can you imagine making a really big cake like so big that it makes all other cakes look small that would be like totally boy stuff. the customers who buy the cakes drive up in cars and stuff and things and they buy the cakes and put them in there cars. And it would hav to be red or black cars. black for the goths LOL. goths wear black. I like to laugh at them outside the coop with Dave and his mates. Dave is a goth, but hes like alright not like the rest of the goths. theyre wierrd LOL

hope the other rest of you think this is a good idea reckon itd sell loads if they did it and then boys would buy cakemaniacs tooo. xxx


At 21 February 2007 at 18:43 , Anonymous vickifromdablock said...

this is a wickid idea, robots roxxorz. cud u have robots in red and black cars or that turn into cars if u make a good cake? that would definately get my little bro playin anyways - he is such a dork! ow he just pinched me for sayin that!

At 21 February 2007 at 18:44 , Anonymous elisabethsmi said...

My son and I already enjoy games of cakemania together, but this would make him enjoy it even more! He is 4.
Keep up the good work, cake maniacs!

At 21 February 2007 at 18:48 , Anonymous cakesrforgiels said...

fg boys dont like cakes lol cakes r4girls

At 21 February 2007 at 20:06 , Anonymous jonboy said...

I play cake mania and I'AM not a GIRL I'AM a boy
anyone can have fun baking cakes since when is liking cakes not for boys???

At 22 February 2007 at 12:06 , Anonymous MikeyHotcakes said...

especialy if Erika Elenik from Baywatch is inside it with no top on LOL!
ps no offence to girls who like that aswell or boys who don't. as long as we all like cakes right? ROFL :D


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