Mania mania :-)

wikipedia says that

Classic symptoms of mania include fast, nonstop talking, pacing aimlessly, staring into space, irritability, and heavy interest in goal oriented activities. One with mania may complain of racing thoughts, hallucinations, music stuck in their head, and feelings of enlightenment.

This shows how clever the name CakeMANIA is, cos it is a game with pacing, where you have to stare at a space (eg ur monitor or ds screen) and do goal oriented activites.

wheni play cakeMania i get racing thoughts and the music stuck in my head, and the grafix are so wickid that it feels like i am having hallucinations LOL!

i've never had feelings of enlightment tho, maybe they are getting confused with MANA.


At 23 February 2007 at 23:55 , Anonymous thegreatestcakemaniafan said...

u not mania LOL u just got the cake goodness LOL

At 24 February 2007 at 11:57 , Anonymous jennyb said...

y do u get racing thoughts? it isn't a racing game it is a baking game. u should say u get baking thouhgts.


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