i just recieved another email from our NEW BEST FRENDS EVER who are the CELEBRITIES who make the games CAKE MANIA and CAKE MANIA 2: Back to THE BAKERY altho strangely and mysteriously this one came from a completely different person with a different email address from the last person who send us the news about CAKE MANIA 3 which is OUT SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

neway, they have send us an email all about how much they LOVE the CAKEMANIACS website (!!!!) and how they read it ALL THE TIME.

this is becos we are the number 1 cake mania fan blog in the world eva!!!!!!!!!

u can read there email below. in it they say u can buy cake mania clothes which is well wicked!!!!! im gonna save up for a cake mania mug, tho i think they should do cake mania cake tins or cake mania ovens to sell from there site as well not just clothes and that altho they do a cake mania apron which could come in well handy for makeing cakes i suppose!!!!!!!!!

here is what they said to us the cakemaniacs, the no1 cake mania blog eva:

Hey Cake Maniacs,

The makers of Cake Mania ARE reading your blog!

Just want to let you know that we appreciate your love for Cake Mania (and for Jill).


* The game just came out on Mobile Phones – visit this site and you can enter the Cake Mania sweepstakes and see a game video of Cake Mania for mobile.

* Cake Mania for the Nintendo DS in will be out in April. Read a preview:

* Cake Mania Junior T-shirt (in 3 colors)We are redesigning our website and hop to have a better Cake Mania page soon, including Pictures or Videos of fans playing, contests, trivia and of course…merchandise, so check back.

* You can always get Cake Mania t-shirts and more at

* Cake Mania was named Best Causal Game of 2006 by Yahoo! Games.

Thanks for the support. The game developers appreciate the feedback.

Best wishes,

The Folks at Sandlot Games

PS – the whole staff got a kick out of Jill and the Cake Maniac birthday celebration!

stay tuned for more updates with our frends the cake mania writers sandlot games because theyll probably be in touch again sooooooon.

im gonna go play CAKE MANIA some more!!!!!!!!!!! or maybe diner dash for a change.

jill4eva <3>


At 23 March 2007 at 14:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! And you can get Cake MANIA on phones too!
This will look so prtty on my pink nokia phone!

At 23 March 2007 at 19:22 , Anonymous shaz-g said...

that is brill news! it is proof we are the best cakemania blog eva! they are really nice peeps to get in contact and lwet the fans no they are apreciated. heres to another year of cakeMANIAAAAAAAAAAAAACSSSSS!!!!!!!11!

At 24 March 2007 at 18:13 , Anonymous marieb426 said...

r they goin to take any of ur ideas for the game from ur blog? cos that wud be cool! an then ud get a credit!


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